Fair Trade

According to the Fairtrade Foundation, Fairtrade is about providing fair trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. Trade that ensures local sustainability, fair living and working conditions, and adequate pay for products. Buying fair trade is ultimately about supporting decent working conditions, fair terms of trade, and stable incomes for farmers and workers. Every fair trade purchase directly supports thriving working communities' development to have more control over their futures. Fairtrade is fairness.

Fair Trade Products:

Coffee/Tea- Marley Coffee Co, Equal Exchange Organic Tea.

Ethically Sourced:

Pluck Tea- Blended with local Canadian dried fruits and flowers, pluck tea is sourced by working directly with a growing network of Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade, and Organic certified tea farms and approved by the Ethical Tea Partnership the industry gold standard for ensuring fair trade, sustainability, and quality of life for tea workers.