We take the health and wellbeing of our students and guests seriously. Culinary Services staff participate in food allergy training which provides information about food allergies, intolerances, and dietary preferences.


Culinary Services - Halal labelling

  • Halal Meat
  • No Alcohol
    • No wine vinegars
    • No beer/wine/liquors
    • No Dijon mustard (wine)
  • No deep fried foods


Food Allergy and Gluten Warning:

USask Culinary Services does not have separate production facilities, allergen free kitchens, cooking equipment or serving lines, we take every precaution to check ingredient information and to ensure that cross contamination of ingredients does not occur. Ingredients and nutritional content may vary. Manufacturers may change their product formulation or consistency without our knowledge and product availability may fluctuate, we cannot assure against these contingenciesIt is the responsibility of the customer with food allergies or other specified nutrition concerns to make the final judgement on whether or not to question the ingredients of a food item or to choose to eat the foods selected. Guests are encouraged to consider information provided, to their own satisfaction, inlight of their own individual needs and requirements.