Voyageur Place Residence:
are students living in dorm style residences without kitchen facilities. The VP residence include the Unlimited Dining meal plan option which provides students unlimited access to meals throughout the day to provide the most flexibility with busy schedules and promotes heathier eating habits. All meals are provided though the Marquis Culinary Centre. A boxed meal program is also offered to provide flexibility and accommodate academic schedules or commitments that conflict with meal times.

Off Campus Residences:
College Quarter, Grad House, Seager Wheeler Hall, and McEwan Park are students living in apartment style residences with small kitchenettes. Included as a part of the lease are Residence Cash Card (RCC) dollars that can be used throughout any of Culinary Services’ 10 campus retail locations. It can also be used at Marquis Culinary Centre and our new location House and Quarter. Online ordering is also available which consists of a Marquis Takeaway menu.

Additional RCC can be purchased anytime and also available to all off campus residence as the campus community are a number of different meal plans with various levels of commitments and flexibility.