Before your Event or Delivery

The health and safety of our students, customers and the community remain our number one priority

  • Events will be organized with all the University of Saskatchewan’s Covid protocols and safety standards in place
  • Events over 150 guests, must be approved by filling out the Request Approval for Large Events and Gathering Form. The form is required for on campus events that include more than 150 people. You can get this form by logging into Connection Point
  • All guests that are sick, should take care of themselves, and stay at home. Before leaving for the event, they should make sure they are symptom free
  • 3 ply disposable masks are required for all indoor areas on campus events until at least August 31st, 2021. Guests should be encouraged to bring their own masks or the organizer will provide them.
  • On the arrival of your delivery or before the doors open to an event, we will conduct inspections and ensure the venue or area is sanitized, safe and clean and ready for business
  • Outside food or beverages should not be brought in from other sources
  • Only 3 people should be in the elevator at a time, or stairs should be taken
  • The event organizer should make a housekeeping announcement at the beginning of the event about wearing masks, social distancing, going home if people feel sick, washing hands often, and any other current Covid related guidelines required at the time

During the event:

  • We are taking additional measures to ensure your health and safety are maintained throughout the event
  • Masks are required for any indoor University space until at least August 31st, except when eating or drinking
  • Food and beverages will be served by trained staff wearing appropriate PPE and employees will have completed their Covid training requirements
  • If a guest gets sick during the event, they must notify the Culinary supervisor immediately and they will offer assistance
  • There will be increased staff presence to provide increased customer service and make sure all information is accessible
  • There will be enhanced cleaning and disinfection services in Marquis Hall and on campus
  • Trash will be removed frequently
  • Daily disinfecting will take place to sanitize all restrooms and hourly disinfecting of frequently touched public areas
  • All off site events will follow the same protocols as on site events
  • Steps will be taken to minimize touch points. Rolled Cutlery will be used more often to avoid preset settings
  • More disposable items and individual items be will be used during service
  • Hand sanitizers will be provided throughout the venue
  • Digital touchless payment will be encouraged
  • Employees will wear gloves to pass items and wear masks

After your Event:

  • After your event we will contact you to get your feedback